Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party 2009

Well this year Grandma Stankosky(aka the other mother) had a halloween party Friday Night and we all had a blast. Friday morning was spenttrying to get all the finishing touches for all the costumes and friday we all had way too much sweets and stayed up too late but we had somuch fun! Here are some of the characters at the party!

(The Other Mother & The Hippie Mom)

(Cody, Kyle, & Anthony)



(Me & My Mad Hatter)

(The Other Father & The Other Mother)

(Sienna,The Mini Queen Of Hearts)

(Alice In Wonderland Crew)

(Tweedle Dum)


(Tweedle Dee)

((My Wonderland Kids)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yearbook Photos

Ok so I saw someone else do this and it looked hilarious... and it was seriously look at those photos!! Go check it out and try your photos!! You will so be laughing








(my kids say some of those look like grandma sugar & little grandma what do you think??)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First of all I know it has been a while but with moving and not having Internet, I just have not been in the mood to sit down and post! I am so excited I have lost 8 pounds in a month! I LOVE MY TAISLIM!! seriously people you should check it out! Anyway this first photo I had to share because it seriously looks so muck like my Grandpa Hafen it is scary! Linc is so adorable and has such a fun personality! Gotta love this Pic!!

Then back in April, me and Matt celebrated our 6th anniversary so we went to Salt Lake City with no kids and went to his mission reunion and hung out! Everything would have been perfect if I didn't get horribly sick Friday Night with that stupid cold everyone got! So Horrible! Oh well That is life! But we had fun and it was nice to just get away for the weekend!

Logandale Fair Fun Of course many of you went to the Logandale Fair back in April. We love living in Logandale and attending the fair is a highlight for our kids! they love everything about the fair! So needless to say we had alot of fun and Matt again put on a wonderful performance at the hypnotist show!! :)

Easter Sunday
OK so I did not get many photos of Easter because we were in between houses and I could not find my camera charger(still can't-good thing Aunt Sydnee has the same camera) so my camera died after taking these photos!

Also, we also decided Raegan's hair was getting too long(when it start going into the toilet it is time to cut) so here is the before and after



Friday, March 27, 2009

Do You GoChi

Oh so I have been really depressed about how heavy I am and the fact that the weight from Linc is not coming of. So when my friend Katie introduced me to freelife, a natural way to boost energy levels, increase metabolism and all this other great stuff, I decided to give it a try. I have only been on a couple of days but so far I really like it. I have signed up to be a market executive so I can start making a little money on the side while getting healthy. So if anyone is interested check my website out at! Also if you check out the site and want to start making some money give me a call and we can get you signed up or if you have any questions or want to host a freelife tasting party give me a call! hope you enjoy!!!

Look what I made

Ok so here are some of the things I have made, of course right now I cannot sew until we are completely moved but I am having a blast!

First of all I want to thank everyone for there concern, comments left and phone calls. I appreciate all the support and prayers. Things are moving along and getting alot easier and as promised this will be a happier post, because we had a birthday party! I will spare you all the boring details, but the girls loved getting dressed alike and especially putting on their crowns making them Princess Aliya and Princess Raegan! I think it all turned out well. Enjoy the pics!